Drilling Services

Optimizing wellbore placement and maximizing efficiency involves reducing geologic uncertainty and improving formation evaluation. Drilling services provides a complete solution by pairing advanced drilling and logging technologies with trained personnel to skillfully execute the entire well plan.

Some Geoprobe Advantages Over Conventional Drilling Include:

Accurate Soil Profiling: Undisturbed soil cores allows for vertical profiling capability in order to generate three-dimensional profiles of a site.

Accurate Groundwater Profiling: Direct Push drilling is capable of collecting depth-discrete groundwater samples to detect contaminated layers.

Sample Quality: Soil samples recovered in plastic liners for volatile organics are not exposed to the atmosphere before dispatch to the laboratory.

Cleanliness: There is no water or drilling muds present during direct push boring.

Rate of Work: The direct push boring provides data at a faster rate when required.

Reduced Drill Spoil: Dual-tube sampling allows for a smaller volume of drill spoil required for safe disposal.

Mobility and Access: With the Geoprobe you have access to confined areas.